A Review Of All You Can Eat – IGI BBQ Grill and Sushi Bistro

My first food blog review post is about all-you-can-eat (AYCE). How fitting! 🙂

When you have a robust appetite like me, AYCE is appealing. One of the AYCE restaurants in Winnipeg that I frequently visit is IGI BBQ Grill & Sushi Bistro. It offers Japanese cuisine and Korean BBQ at the front portion of the restaurant and Chinese hot pot at the back.

If you are looking for interesting and high quality sushi, this ain’t it. However, it is probably the best AYCE Japanese restaurant in Winnipeg.

Front portion of the restaurant


  • Highly recommended, especially on the weekends
  • Not available on OpenTable.
  • Call to make a reservation: 204 -477-9909
  • Closed on Tuesdays

Menu & Price

Korean BBQ

Suggestions: you flip the raw meat, seafood and vegetables yourself, so make sure you pay attention to the grill. There are times when we yip yap for too long and overcook the meat, speaking from experience. My food squad usually has a designated BBQer.

Korean BBQ

Love their marinated short ribs

Japanese Cuisine

Suggestions: do not order everything at once. Pace yourself. Let’s face it, when we are starving, our eyes are usually bigger than our stomaches. I am guilty of that. 😀 I’ve ordered too much during round 1 (can’t have AYCE without at least 2 rounds 😉 ), the food just kept on coming to the point we had nowhere to put it. I practically had to inhale everything just to make room on the table.

Certain dishes are meant to be eaten when they are hot. They no longer taste good when you leave them sitting on the table for too long. For example: Unadon (BBQ eel on rice), chicken wings, tempura, oven baked mussels, chawanmushi, well… just about any hot dishes.

Seaweed wrapping tend to get chewy after a while. Eat your maki rolls and hand rolls while they are fresh.

Chawnmushi – egg custard. One of my favourites
Shrimp tempura
Assorted sashimi and hand rolls
Unadon – BBQ eel on rice (soooooo good)
Chicken wings and oven baked mussels
Shrimp sunomono salad
Agedashi tofu

Chinese Hot Pot

Chinese hot pot is perfect for the long cold winter in Winnipeg. And it’s fun to eat with a group of people. Although I’ve had hot pot when it’s +30ºC outside. Not sure exactly what I was thinking.

There are shared hot pot and individual hot pot. IGI offers the latter. It’s more sanitary in my opinion. See “Menu & Price” section above to view the selection of soup bases.

Food station
Selection of vegetables, meats, seafood, balls and starches etc.
Raw beef
Korean spicy seafood soup base

Suggestions: you control the temperature of the hot pot. Again, make sure you do not overcook the ingredients.

  • Beef and lamb take no time to cook, 1 minute or even less. Dip them in the boiled soup base until you no longer see pink in the meat.
  • Chicken takes longer to cook, therefore is not as popular as beef and lamb. Not one of my favourites for hot pot either.
  • Balls, I mean assorted seafood balls, also take longer to cook. I leave them in the hot pot for at least 5 minutes.