Urstyle, One of the Alternatives to Polyvore – My Review

Polyvorians have been scrambling to find each other on social media in the last few days. There is a Facebook group called “Polyvore Friends Reunite”  which is a great way to reconnect with your polyfriends. Many of us have found each other on Instagram as well. I don’t know the situation on Twitter because I don’t have a personal account.

If you have not signed the petition to bring Polyvore back, here it is again: https://www.change.org/p/former-polyvore-users-creative-minds-bring-back-polyvore It now has over 12,500 signatures and is trying to reach 15,000.

The most common question asked on social media is “Does anyone know any alternatives?”

Well, there are a few. I mentioned some of them in my last blog post. However, none of them can compare to Polyvore. Alternatives that want to impress Polyvorians have to offer the same features Polyvore did or even more. We may settle for less temporarily but we will never truly be satisfied with anything less.

I’ve tried Urstyle, Commixo, ShopLook, Trendme.net so far. I saw a FB post from an ex-Polyvore member saying there are some security concerns with Trendme.net. So be mindful about this when you sign up.


Urstyle left a comment under my latest Instagram post saying they are working on the new feature to bring back our outfits from Polyvore. I was intrigued.

The first thing before I sign up on a website is to find out who the company is, where the company is located and how to contact them. I couldn’t find any information. No company address, no phone number. There is no “About Us” section that describes who Urstyle is, it’s history, founder(s) etc. I don’t find that professional.

Its home page (well.. doesn’t really have a homepage) is just an long long list of the items and sets. I cannot scroll all the way to the bottom.

But I thought I’d give it a try so I registered with my email address, not through Facebook or Instagram. I assume this company is located in Poland because language options include English and Polski????  Once logged in, you can see “FEEDBACK” which allows users to contact them via email.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 12.23.34 PM

Btw, I never received an email from them to verify my email.

To create a set, simply click on “Create” on the top right corner.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 12.27.17 PM


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 12.26.56 PM

When you click on an item, it’s automatically added to the canvas. To delete an item, just hit “Delete” on your keyboard.

I couldn’t cut an item for the life of me. It’s not user friendly. I wish Urstyle could improve this function. With the help my Polyfriend @Shoaleh-Niaa, I finally figured it out after a number of tries. It was frustrating.

Here is a video on how to do this. I use a trackpad (iMac). I apologize for the poor video quality. It’s difficult to cut and film with an iPhone by myself. lol.

This is my first set. Wish I could do more with it like when I was using Polyvore. I named it “Pops of Orange” because that was one of the three running contests before Polyvore was shut down abruptly.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 12.21.31 PM.png

Here are some of the Polyvore features that are missing or I haven’t found on Urstyle

1. Can’t seem to duplicate items. To duplicate, you simply add the item twice. So make sure you add it twice before you move on to a different section or it might take you a long time to find it again. I clicked on “like” on a few items. But my “Like” section is empty, so I don’t know what is going on.

2. Can’t seem to flip-flip items. You can rotate them and adjust the size.

3. Can’t clip items from the web to Urstyle. According to Urstyle, this feature would be added in the next few days.

4. Accessories should be in its own category instead of under clothing. Or Urstyle should rename it “Clothing and Accessories”. I took me a while to find the earrings.

5. Doesn’t seem to have “Move forward and Backward” features to position the items.

6. You have to add at least 3 items in order to save a set which I really dislike. I’ve lost a few drafts. *sigh*

7. There are no embellishments like adding texts, background, magazines etc.

8. I don’t think anyone can make art sets here.

9. Limited amount of products. They have more items under clothing than beauty products and home.

10. I have trouble logging into Urstyle sometimes. It happened both yesterday and today. It either says “Invalid log in credentials” or “your account has been locked temporarily”. I know I typed in the right username and password.

I am sure there are more. I see ex-Polyvorians are asking a lot of questions on Urstyle which is great.

Urstyle has some really big shoes to fill. But I am willing to wait and see how they would improve.

My next blog posts will be reviews on ShopLook and Commixo.