Could ChicVore Be The Next Polyvore?

After trying a number of alternatives, many ex-polyvorians like me are still hoping for a better option. For all I know, some of these companies could be basement operations – no company address (we don’t even know which country they are in), no terms of service, no privacy policy.

According to a Yahoo Finance report on April 12, 2018, a number of Polyvore’s users joined up with the team at 10 Best Network to create a new iteration of the community, called ChicVore. Here is the link to the article: Polyvore Shut Down, But Its Users joined Together to Create Alternative With the Help of 10 Best Network

I am very curious to see what ChicVore could come up with. It has already reached beta phase (second phase of software testing). I gave them my email address, maybe they would invite me to be a beta tester. 🙂

10 Best Network owns and operates a number of online platforms through which millions of searchers find the top offerings from around the world. Its website shows they have locations in San Fransisco, CA (Silicone Valley????) and New York City, NY.

Well, I sincerely hope they succeed.