Outfit Ideas For Spring 2019

It looks like spring is here to stay. No more snow! I can finally put away the heavy winter jackets and sweaters. Yay!

I have so many outfit ideas for this spring. In this blog post, I am sharing some of my favourite looks not only created by me, but also by some of my talented friends on URSTYLE.


It doesn’t matter what season it is, denim will always be in style. There are a number of ways to style denim outfits in the spring.

Denim on Denim

One of my favourite denim styles is denim on denim. The trick to make this look stylish and interesting is to choose the right footwear and accessories.

In the set below, I chose a pair of leopard print pumps, a straw hat, a matching handbag and a brown belt to elevate the look.

My Set Title: Denim on Denim
Item list on urstyle – https://urstyle.com/styles/2130042

Denim on denim doesn’t necessarily mean blue tops with blue jeans. This set created by @Jesuisunlapin features a blue denim shirt with a pair of white jeans and the fabulous Isabel Marant “Dicker” suede boots for an effortless and chic casual look.

Created by @Jesuisunlapin
Item list on urstyle: https://urstyle.com/styles/2119612

T-Shirt and Jeans

A lot of people wear t-shirts and jeans. It’s pretty basic, right? But how to wear it well?

First and foremost, you need to ensure the pieces fit you perfectly and are comfortable. Secondly, layer on a blazer, a jacket or a long lightweight coat. Thirdly, wear a pair of trendy sneakers, boots or pumps to upgrade your chic. Last but not the least, add high quality accessories such as a handbag, designer sunglasses and/or a silk scarf for a sophisticated look, especially when you are wearing t-shirt and jeans alone.

I love t-shirt and jeans with a blazer. If your workplace has casual Friday, you can simply switch these sneakers in the set I created below to a pair of pumps.

My Set Title: My Style
Item list on urstyle
: https://urstyle.com/styles/2136864

The look below is perfect for hanging out with friends, running errands or watching a recreational sports game.

My Set Title: Alright Spring, Do Your Thing
Item list on urstyle
: https://urstyle.com/styles/2110156

The red Balenciaga stilettos, the Carre Kantha silk scarf, the Geramium crocodile Hermès Kelly Cut Longuthe and the Hedony cat eye Acetate sunglasses that @Diane1234 chose in the set below really gives the entire ensemble the right amount of pop. The addition of the leather jacket brings an element of coolness.

Created by @Diane1234
Item list on urstyle: https://urstyle.com/styles/2093156

Denim Skirt

Styling a denim skirt is very similar to styling a pair of jeans. To make the outfit more fashionable, opt for a pair of oxfords or brogues and a matching cross-body bag as I did in the set below. Sneakers and flats would also be another wonderful option.

My Set Title: Because It’s Shop O’Clock Somewhere
Item list on urstyle
: https://urstyle.com/styles/2124397

Inspired by the photo in the set, @debraelizabeth styled the Amapo distressed midi denim skirt with a beautiful long sleeve lace top. For a more polished look, she added the Fabio Rusconi flats and a Valery mini leather and cotton cross-body bag.

Created by @debraelizabeth
Item list on urstyle: https://urstyle.com/styles/2060735

Denim Jacket

The temperature at night can still dip down to single digit in certain parts of the world at this time of the year including Winnipeg. For outings in the evening, it’s a great idea to wear a jacket. Denim jackets can pretty much go with any outfits.

This set created by @Shoaleh-Nia features an embelisshed denim jacket, a short ruffled skirt and a handbag with scarf by Ermanno Scervino as well as a Re/Done Geripptes Tanktop. The Ganni white Callie 80 leather ankle boots adds a level of playfulness to the outfit. This is a cute and stylish look for many occasions during spring.

Created by Shoaleh-Nia
Item list on urstyle: https://urstyle.com/styles/2046620

Who can argue that this fantastic ensemble by @thestreetvogue is super adorable? The Farren cropped turtleneck sweater and the Thom Browne stripped mini skirt – styled with a pair of Rebook sneakers. The Dolce & Gabbana distressed patchwork denim jacket adds even more texture to the look.

Created by @thestreetvogue
Item list on urstyle: https://urstyle.com/styles/2123621


Nothing says “spring” like floral patterns. Floral clothing is beautiful and feminine – a must-have in the spring wardrobe.

Floral Pants

To avoid floral overkill, an easy way to style floral pants is to choose tops, footwear and accessories with only one colour as demonstrated in the two sets below.

My Set Title: Welcome Spring
Item list on urstyle
: https://urstyle.com/styles/2113980
Created by @Jesuisunlapin
Item list on urstyle
: https://urstyle.com/styles/2117967

Floral Dress And Skirt

There are floral dresses and skirts for every occasion. I like pieces that can be dressed up or down.

The Nude cotton blend embroidered floral dress from Simone Rocha is nothing short of stunning. @Shoaleh-Nia’s choice of the Rochas leather coat with pockets, Gianvito Rossi satin Pumps and PS11 leather clutch evokes an effortless sophistication for any cultivated fashionista.

Created by @Shoaleh-Nia
Item list on urstyle
: https://urstyle.com/styles/2071566

I love wearing sneakers with a maxi dress. It’s comfortable and contemporary. To dress it up, style the maxi dress with a pair of pumps and a leather tote.

My Set Title: A Fashion That Does Not Reach The Streets Is Not A Fashion (Coco Chanel)
Item list on urstyle
: https://urstyle.com/styles/2130948

@Beautifulplace is known for her romantic, beautiful and feminine style on URSTYLE. Her spring sets feature a lot of gorgeous floral clothing including the Dodo Bar Or ruffle-trimmed dress below. She enhanced the feminine feel by adding the Marc Jacob crochet cotton cardigan, the Valentino Rockstud rubber sandals and the Rachel Trevor Morgan mesh textured hat.

Created by @beautifulplace
Item list on urstyle: https://urstyle.com/styles/2101586

While most of us are thinking of wearing florals to weddings, birthday parties and graduations in the spring, @Jesuisnlapin thought of another occasion to wear florals. The title of the set below is “Visiting Granny”. The cream Zimmermann shirt is perfect for the A-line floral shorts. Nothing says “I am prim and proper… and adorable” like wearing these Topshop T-bar giggle geek flats.

Created by @Jesuisunlapin
Item list on urstyle: https://urstyle.com/styles/2119821

Speaking of attending weddings and graduations, this look created by @natalyag is perfect for these occasions. It’s classic, elegant and timeless. The floral skirt and the accessories bring a feminine touch to the look.

Created by @natalyag
Item list on urstyle: https://urstyle.com/styles/2106290

Animal Print

I was never into animal print until recent years. It’s a trend that never seems to go out of style. They truly are statement pieces.

Animal Print Skirts

I had a lot fun styling animal print skirts in the following two sets. You can wear them with t-shirts and leather jackets for a style with a bit of an edge or wear them with a sweater and a pair of oxfords or sneakers for an urban chic look.

My Set Title: Happy Foodie Style
Item list on urstyle
: https://urstyle.com/styles/2135997
My Set Title: Hello Beautiful
Item list on urstyle: https://urstyle.com/styles/2113059

Animal Print Tops

Styling a leopard print shirt with a pair of denim shorts and pumps is a fabulous option for this spring. It’s exactly what @beautifulplace created in her set. It is sassy, flirty, cute and chic – a look that many girls would be obsessed over.

Created by @beautifulplace
Item list on urstyle: https://urstyle.com/styles/2097046

The t-shirt, jeans and a pair of Vans sneakers combination is cool and hip on its own. By adding a brown and beige cotton blend leopard print coat from Pinko, @Shoaleh-Nia makes this an eye-catching street style that any fashion lovers would want to emulate.

Created by @Shoaleh-Nia
Item list on urstyle: https://urstyle.com/styles/2030176

Pant Suit

The pant suit look is not only fantastic for work but can also be dressed down when you pair it with sneakers.

This head-to-toe baby blue pant suit outfit by Madeleine Fashion featured by @debraelizabeth is very stylish and refreshing. Accessorize with a classic neutral bag and a pair of eye glasses in the morning – you are ready to take on the world.

Created by @debraelizabeth
Item list on urstyle: https://urstyle.com/styles/2082072

The Haider Ackermann pant suit look created by @Ortegamarianna below is not only classic but also powerful. She added a touch of femininity with the Dior pumps and the Jacquemus clutch. A look that will guarantee to turn heads on the street and at any workplace.

Created by @Ortegamariana
Item list on urstyle: https://urstyle.com/styles/1971643

@Gloria-37’s style is feminine and fashionable. She’s known for combing riotous colours. It’s not surprising that she chose to style the bright pink Acler pant suit. This look is striking when paired with a neutral camisole and pumps. After work, you can kick off the pumps and put on a pair of white sneakers to go out for a drink with co-workers or friends.

Another pant suit style is oversized boxy silhouettes. It can look really well put-together when done right. That’s what @natalyag did. She finished the look by choosing the gorgeous Zimmermann silk blouse, the Tory Burch flats and the accessories to the Joseph pant suit. It is simply flawless and polished.


I am huge fan of striped clothing, so naturally I adore nautical style. The nautical look is timeless and another terrific option for the spring.

This is a classic and iconic nautical style created by @Ortegamariana. A long sleeve striped tee and a pair of navy blue pants. She added a hint of red by pairing the Chanel flats and the red sunglasses.

@Katyusha-kis knows how to rock the nautical style by styling the Alexander Wang striped crop top with a pair of straight leg navy blue pants by Madeleine Fashion. The red sandals and hat create an element of chicness and flirtatiousness to the look.

A striped top and a pair of high rise shorts is another fabulous nautical look. The flats and the Chanel nautical cruise bag are marvellous choices. @Gloria-37’s set title is “On Point” and I couldn’t agree more.

A striped shirt with a solid red bottom and a fitted blazer is the epitome of nautical style. @Jesuisunlapin created a perfect balance for the sailor look.